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JANUARY 26, 2017

Hi everyone, it's your Broadway Buddy, Ben! Welcome to the brand spanking new BenCameron.nyc!!! We think it's real nice and I'm so very excited to share my world with you. SO, kick off your shoes, have a look around , let us know your thoughts. Here on the blog page I'll be musing on all kinds of topics and sharing my experiences with you. I am writing this 1st blog on the eve before BROADWAY CON! As I type thousands of theatre fans from all over the world are descending upon NYC to geek out over all things BROADWAY! There will be singing, there will be dancing there will be COS PLAY! (does anyone have a phantom mask I can borrow?). I think back on my upbringing in the great red state of Utah..yes, Utah. To put it mildly I was not a normal Utah kid. I was the kids that had the entire score of CATS memorized. I was the kid that sang Javert's suicide before jumping off the diving board at the public pool. I was the kid who dressed as the phantom of the opera for a jr. high school student body council campaign speech. I was the kid who lived to utter the phrase " I can't, I have rehearsal". When you're that kid in Utah it can be a lonely thing. But when you're that kid hosting mutha f-ing BROADWAY CON it ain't so bad. So here's to all of us theatre geeks. I cannot wait to get weird with my Broadway buddies all weekend long! Now I gotta rest up and brush up on my Hamilton lyrics….cuz nobody wants to be that guy..am I right? I LOVE YOU, WELCOME and PLEASE COME BACK OFTEN.



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